Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just the Beginning

   Life lately seems to be set on only one speed, FAST!  Crazy to believe Daniel and I have been married now for almost one year.  These past couple of months everything has just come and gone so fast, but we realize we have been blessed with such fun opportunities.  Both of us are finishing our Senior year at Brigham Young and starting a new chapter in our lives.  When we were engaged, getting ready for marriage seamed like the biggest step I would ever take, but now I realize these next couple of months will consist of lots of bigger steps, with new places and new experiences.  I am very excited to take all these big steps together, and stand side by side while life takes us up and down the hills of a never ending roller coaster.  
                         With the start of the new year Danny had the opportunity to train in San Diego and continue chasing his dreams of football, while me still in school and dancing I remained in Provo.  Don't get me wrong it was a really hard experience, but much easier with both of us dedicated to sacrificing now for later.  We were so blessed with family in Utah to take care of me, while Danny also having family in California to keep him company.  Hard times are definitely impossible without leaning on those around you who care about you.  With Danny in San Diego it gave us a great opportunity to have some vacation time down in the sunny state!  I had the opportunity to visit a couple times and it was always an absolute treat. :)  There are memories that we will always hold close to our heart.  With Danny chasing his dreams, I continue to live my dream at BYU while dancing on the International folk Dance Ensemble.  This is my second year on the team, and have loved the amazing experience.  We just returned from a 10 day tour to the great state of AZ!  Once I returned from tour, Danny was also back to stay...(for as of right now ha:))  But we are so grateful to be back together, and sticking together through this journey.  Life is always filled with surprises but I have learned so much through these past couple of months and together Danny and I are stronger because of them.  We realize we are so blessed to have these opportunities and take everyday one day at a time, always enjoying the moments we have together.  Here are a few pictures to sum up the first of the year craziness we had!  

First visit to California, We played at the Beach in Coronado all day!  Big thanks to Danny's sister in law for letting us use their place. 
We rented bikes and biked around the whole island! - It was Beautiful 

Found a random piece of Sea Weed.... 

and turned it into a hat! haha 

Valentines Day trip 

Danny surprised me with a stay for valentines day at a friends Beach house, he also made me a very special key chain that left me in happy tears. He made it such a special day!  

We took a trip to the zoo and had a great time! 

We ended our trip spending time with Danny's family.  We love having the chance to spend time together whenever we are all in the same place at once which isn't very often!  

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