Friday, September 12, 2014

KANSAS CITY -Our First go at the NFL

As Danny and I start on this new chapter of our life we have been so blessed to have family right by our side the whole time- no matter how far away they are from us!  For Danny's 3rd pre-season game we had quite the fan section!  My family came out for the first time- and immediately brought me to tears as I picked them up from the airport (oh how I had missed them!) and Danny's parents came out from California, and my uncle Cory and his wife Danielle brought their six kids to join the party as well!  We had quite the time together- we tailgated before, a big thanks for my uncle for bringing his RV so we had the luxury of some AC in this midwest heat!  We sat around talked, ate yummy food, cheered on with other Chiefs fans, and then headed to the game!  I will tell you after the game my eyes did burn from seeing the color red everywhere! Ha, I am not quite used to seeing the red over the blue yet (obviously) But let me tell you Arrowhead is such an amazing experience and I am so glad our loved ones could come and have the experience with us.  Everything in life as many of you know is always sweeter when you have those you love dearly with you to experience it. It was as weekend full of unforgettable memories and we were so grateful for the amazing support we had from our family! 

Yes, this cute adorable girl did get this outfit just for this game. We were his biggest cheerleaders :)

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