Saturday, December 27, 2014

Baby BOY!!

Yesterday Daniel and I received our last, and probably most favorite Christmas gift, finding out the gender of our's a BOY!!!  
I was super nervous all week waiting for the appointment just wanting to hear the heart beat of the baby and know it was okay and healthy.  As I go through this experience knowing the baby is healthy and safe has definitely been the biggest concern and most mind occupying thought.  It's amazing how you feel so inadequate to be a mother to a new child but your instincts take over and you can feel that you are truly being prepared by a greater power to help you take care of his child. I find myself so worried and wanting to be so careful so that the baby is taken care of.
 The doctor called that morning and said she had to go into an emergency surgery and they were going to have to move my appointment up to earlier, I was dying!  Earlier would have been nice, but Daniel had work until the afternoon and we were trying our best to schedule it with him there.  He has been so wonderful to come to all my appointments with me, I have been so grateful he has been so excited and supportive through the whole process.  He has heard and seen a lot of new and crazy things over these past months and has stepped right up to the plate.  We finally got things worked out with the schedule and Danny was able to make it to the appointment.  
I was convinced at the beginning along with my sister Hailey that it was a little girl.  But as the weeks continued I honestly had no idea!  Danny and the rest of the family guessed a boy, so somehow everyone else knew!  The nurse doing the sonogram found the gender pretty quick and said " do you know what that means?" pointing to the picture on the screen, and immediately I was like, "ah its a boy!"  I was genuinely so happy and overwhelmed with so much joy!  haha the funniest part of the whole experience was my sweet husband couldn't sit still for the life of him!  Ha, he was recording the whole thing on his phone, taking pictures of the screen, and standing about 1 centimeter away from the screen. I had to beckon him over a couple times to enjoy the moment with me and hold my hand. I was getting a kick out of it! The nurse had a hard time showing us images of the baby because he kept moving around, "This baby is an active one!" she would say.  That made Danny such a proud dad, he was yelling at the screen, "Thats my boy!" haha at one point, Danny was saying "oh look he is doing some abs, good job son, keep moving!" haha I was cracking up.
It was such a fun day for us, one of the happiest moments along with a couple others I have ever experienced.  We shared the news that night with a fun little skit over Skype with our families :) Enjoy the pictures, and continuous updates about our sweet little boy!

Skyping with both families 

Doing our Skit 

"It's a pink Mustache!  Must be a girl...girls don't have mustaches" 

After enough teasing we finally opened the box and let the balloons reveal the secret! 


  1. Yay! This is so cute! Congrats on baby boy!!!

  2. Whit! Ah I am so happy for you guys! Congrats! Cant wait to follow along with your cute blog :)