Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Senior Night #23

Last mens basketball game in the BYU Marriott Center for Sky was last Thursday night, what a mix of emotions!  I'm not even a player, or a mother to a player, I'm just a sister but I was tearing up a couple times that night.  It has been an unbelievable experience for our family to watch Sky do his thing at BYU and to watch him chase his dreams.  It's more than just basketball, it involves so many emotions as we all cheer or close our eyes hoping the team pulls off a win every night,  it's also the emotional strain of feeling the ups and downs that go with athletics as you watch your brother go through high highs and low lows.  It's more than just a basketball game and because of that the last game was such a special one.  I have been so grateful that Danny and I (along with baby Brooks) have been able to be here in Provo to watch and be apart of these last games.  It was the hardest thing watching from Kansas- let me tell you!  So having a chance to attend all the home games with great friends and our awesome family were some of my favorite nights.  
I'm so grateful that sky involved us so much on his journey and let us be apart of everything.  He is my brother and therefore I am biased but I absolutely love watching him play.  He gives nothing less than his best every single time he steps onto that court, and I can always feel his emotion for the game way up in my seat.  I get more nervous for him than I do my own husband at times!  Growing up watching him play since he was young up to now, my emotions are all in! I am so grateful he had the chance to play for BYU and to see all the moments that brought a huge smile to his face- from cheering on his team mates to lighting up the Marriott center with one of his 3's.  
We decided to make it a special night and we put together shirts for all his biggest fans :)  I was so excited to show him!  I tried to show him before the game but had to hold back as my mother warned me he needed his focus (yes they do i guess ha ha)  But it was such a fun night with family and friends,and I am so grateful we could all be here to support Sky. On top of that we won the game!  That always helps to make the night much more enjoyable and fun:)   
The season isn't over yet- still a long stride to go and we are pumped to cheer them on!  Our next adventure is the tournament in Vegas and I am super excited about that.
Shout out to the bro!-Congrats Skyler on a Great season- I admire you so much for what you have and continue to accomplish! Love you :) 

(Danny making sure Brooks feels the love too:)

Sky biggest fans
One of Sky's Coaches 
One of my favorite things is to watch sky interact with the fans 

Sky & Ty
The Best Man  

Definitely tearing up here, the fans gave him such a great applause 

supportive fans 

warming up 

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