Friday, February 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Bananza!

I Know I'm about 3 months late to be writing about Thanksgiving, but I am playing catch up a little and wanted to make sure I had documented this fun day!  To start off it was a Thanksgiving that we had never had before, with the greatest difference being that Danny and I hosted the whole meal and deal at our very own place!  Not to mention our place consisted of a one bedroom apartment basically made for two haha.  However, room in the in didn't matter for our awesome family members that wanted to come out and join us for the wonderful holiday.  My uncle Cory and his wife Danielle along with their 6 kids drove all the way from Iowa to spend the week with us!  We were so excited and felt so loved that they would give up space and a long drive to be with us.  They have lived in Iowa for the past little while and haven't had any family out their way for basically forever, so us moving to Kansas was like having family next door! ha ha.  The best part of the whole week that cracked me up was their mini hotel they had set up in the Home depot parking lot just next door to our apartment complex. They have a really nice RV that fits their whole family and so they brought that up and bunked there every night for a place to sleep!  They came over every morning and stayed late into the night and then they had their own beds to sleep in every night- it was pretty funny but worked out more than perfect! 
The actual meal went way better than I expected, I was nervous to be honest (i'm not much of a cooker and had basically no idea what I was doing) But my wonderful aunt Danielle was excited to show me the ropes and her and I cooked all morning long.  The men were in charge of the turkeys as they were deep frying them- something I think we will do every year, it is seriously so delicious and takes half the time!  Danny and I prepared the deep fryer earlier that week getting new spices and our own deep fryer to use in years to come- the turkey was by far the most delicious dish of the day!  I love that Danny loves to experiment and try new things and he is always willing to help cook, it makes the experience much more enjoyable when we can do it together.  Danny had practice most of the morning so we did what we could until he got back.  Once everything was finally done we pushed a church table together with our small table and made one long dining room table where we could all sit down together, right in our living room!  ha, sometimes I would look at the space and think how are we going to make this work- but it always worked out and went much better than I had expected.  Once we we're all sitting down before we enjoyed our hard work and labor we went around the table expressing what we were each grateful for.  That is something I have always done and really enjoy doing- it was kind of emotional for some of us actually.  My aunt was really touched to be able to be with family for their first thanksgiving in 16 years.  It made me emotional as well as you sit back in your tiny apartment and realize people just want to be together making memories with those they love, it doesn't always matter what your able to offer them.  I too was grateful for the chance to celebrate that day with family, as living far away from my immediate family had been a challenge for me.  It was a blessing for all of us to be together for each other that day.  
The rest of the week was totally great.  We played games all day, went on walks, had movie nights, participated in black Friday, made crafts, had many wii competitions playing bowling, tennis, and boxing, and to top it all off I had company to go with me to the Chiefs vs Broncos game to support Danny!
As usual there was a small hiccup in the week thanks to me being pregnant.  Thanksgiving night we went down to the Plaza to see the fireworks go off to start the holiday season.  We were all so excited to go, we went down walked around to see the lights (those poor people have no idea what great Christmas lights look like, it was nothing compared to SLC Temple square, but it was still cool ha ha) we listened to the bands, tried to stick together through the masses of people, and we even made it on TV (Spencer's favorite part of the night ha ha)  As we were walking back to the car I wasn't feeling very good, I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy and was just starting to open up to eating different foods.  Something however, didn't sit right in my stomach from our dinner and without holding it in I lost all of my dinner on the side of the road... sorry if this is TMI skip to the pictures if you have a hard time reading this ha!  It was so awful!  There were people all around me and I was a running faucet ha, it was one of the worst moments.  My nose then decided to bleed at the same time and I was soon emptying out everything from my chin up it felt like!  Poor Danny has been so good to help me as I have been sick but I think this time was really hard for him to see me in so much pain.  He did his job and held my hair back and stood by my side until I was done.  This sweet family pulled up next to me in their van and asked "is she okay" haha, I was like ya i'm sure I look like a crazy mess right now.  Danny was cute to tell her "Oh she is just pregnant" haha and then asked if she had any tissues-thank the heavens she did and I got all cleaned up!  My cute extended family walked up the street to give me some space and were just standing there watching me haha, I think they were all a little scarred!  We finally made it up to the cars and the drive home wasn't much better.  Lets just say we had to stop a good 3 times on the side of the road so I didn't throw up in the car.  At times we would barely pull over in enough time that i was throwing up into the wind as we were still slowing down- yes quite comical i know! ha ha That night didn't get much better as I was up every half hour throwing up.  It was by far the worst moment I have had since being pregnant.  Danny would get up with me every time and was so sweet to run to the pharmacy to get me some medicine late in the night.  Poor guy had to be up at 6am so he got about 3 hours of sleep.  Being first parents we were pretty worried about losing so much fluids with the baby.  So we called nurses in the family to make sure I didn't need to rush to the hospital or anything, and the next morning called my nurse to find out it was a stomach virus going around, and I just had to wait it out.  Oh it was so awful!  On top of it all Danny was gone at work all day and I had company to entertain.  My family was so great to take care of themselves and to help me.  I slept and stayed in my room for the whole next day and each day I slowly got  better.  It was definitely an experience for the books! ha 
Sunday night was our last night together and my aunt and uncle accompanied me for the Chiefs game against the Broncos.  They are seriously some of Danny's biggest fans.  They don't have much sport experience in their family, but they have been so excited for us, they buy their whole family Chiefs gear and try to be apart of the experience in any way they can.  The game was a freezing one to say the least but we bundled up and had a great time watching it together.  It was so fun to have family there with me, I was so grateful they were able to come.  Monday morning was the end of the journey and they headed back to Iowa and I headed back to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep! ha ha It was a wonderful week together with memories that we will never forget!  I am grateful to have family throughout the country that we can all lift each other up and create experiences together.  Thanks again Reynolds family for coming out to see us, we look forward to next year! ;) 
The girls all ready to start cooking!

Larissa and Allesandra were great helpers

Our championship gamers

Feeding the masses ha ha 

The kids found every room in the apartment to use 

Danny had a great idea to have a gratitude tree during the month of November, it turned out to be a pretty good tree!

lots of chalk board art 

Preparing the Turkeys (don't mind Danny's shirt ha ah) 

Victoria and Allesandra 

Preparing the fryer 

Cory and Dan 

We all fit! 

Plaza lights 

The kids made Danny good luck cards for his game, it was so cute! 

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