Sunday, March 15, 2015

Halford Family Shower

Most of the Crew Minus a few!
Saturday was the day for my side of the family shower!  It was the second shower that week so I was totally exhausted to be honest, but I was super excited to see everyone :)  My awesome mother and aunt Jeana threw me the shower and were busy bees all day getting everything ready!  They did such a great job, and everything looked so cute.  My mom was so sweet and wanted to make sure everything was a surprise!  She said "I want it to feel like Christmas morning tomorrow!" haha so she sent me to bed and her and my aunt were up until 4am! Yes, I felt so bad they were up so late and then so pleasant and happy the next day!  I know I have big shoes to fill with how awesome she is.  
We had lots of family come from Idaho and then northern  Salt Lake.  I was so grateful people took time out of their busy Saturday to come support our family, I felt so blessed and grateful. It was so good to see family that I haven't seen in a while. 
My sweet cousin Krystal was also another mommy to be at the shower with me :)  She was so amazing to come and she is due in just a little over a week! She looks amazing, and is having a little boy too! It was fun to have another mommy to be there, she is a a little farther on her journey but i'm almost there!

Mothers to be :)

We played a couple of games to start off the shower and we all had a pretty good hoot.  We played the "Price is Right" Baby style and guessed how expensive each item was such as: baby food, diapers, baby ointment, shoes, wipes, etc.  I was wanting to play because I was super curious to see what everything would cost because I had no idea! It was pretty hilarious to guess all the prices and then to have the right answers ready off, the only thing I guessed close were the diapers.  I was guessing 14 dollars for a pair of shoes, and about 4 dollars for baby food...totally off! Ha, everyone was cracking up at how expensive I thought things were- so I guess it was a good thing because it relieved me more than stressed me out.  My total was around $100 and the key came to only $73 so thank goodness I don't make the prices! 

We also had everyone write down words of wisdom as they were visiting and then leave them before they left, Danny and I really enjoyed reading over the different cards, all these women truly have much more experience than me so I will take all I can get! We were cracking up at Danny's moms card, if you know her it makes perfect sense- ha we love Foxy Roxy.

Then we opened up all the fun gifts, and it was such a ball seeing all the adorable baby things people came up with!  The biggest surprise to me was how many people sew!  Half of my family are basically expert seamstresses and I had no idea.  It really touched my heart to see how much time and thought people put into their gifts.  I received so many cute clothes, and tons of homemade blankets and burp cloths.  Each of my grandmas Danny's grandma as well all made me blankets!  And my sweet great grandmother crocheted her first blanket, she has 105 great grandkids so she said she would make her first blanket for her first great, great grand baby.  She really touched my heart with that, it has been such a cool thing to have her be apart of everything, Brooks will be the 5th generation!  

The Woman of the Hour!
It was such a wonderful day and felt so nice to be spoiled by some of my favorite people. Big Shout out to my awesome mother for all her support this far.  More than just great parties she has been there to hep me find somewhat of cute maternity clothes, cry with me when I feel insecure, and just understand when different things hurt and poor Danny has no idea what I'm talking about.  I am truly blessed to be living close to her during these few months and I am grateful to her for all she is and all she continues to teach me!

 Brooks is 29 weeks and 3 days old today-So we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! It was such a great day, and Brooks I know can already feel the love from everyone around him.  We are so excited for this new adventure and thank everyone who has been such a big help already. Here's to just a couple more months and then we will put all these blankets, and burp cloths to some serious use! :) 

Seriously the cutest "Diaper Trike" I have ever seen

Lots of Nike apparel for Brooks :)

My sweet dad wanted so badly to get Brooks his first pair of Nike's along with him having the same pair! ha ha So he picked out his whole Nike outfit from the sweat suit, sweat pants, to his adorable little sneakers.  I can't wait to see my dad be a grandpa! 

My sweet sister gave me burp cloths that she is going to make for me! 

My Grandma Diane let me pick out the fabrics and then made me all my receiving blankets.  The surging thread was beautiful.  I have grown up watching her make blankets for all her girls and listened as she would teach me, so I was excited to know that I could have the same thing for my little guy.  Can't wait to use them!
Such a beautiful quilt my grandma Shannon had made for me.  I absolutely love the bright colors and beautiful animal print!  Pretty much just want to put it on his wall because it is is such a beautiful quilt! 

Dannys mom Roxann and Grandma Karol
My sweet sister in law Alexi and her two awesome girls, Jocelyn and bella, made time to stop by my shower after throwing me one just two days ago.  Great girls, love them so much!


P.S For all you expert mommys out there I am asking for your help! I would love to hear some of your favorite products you have used with your kiddos.  From a infant bath tub, to humidifiers, etc. Anything you want to share, I am all ears!  If you have time to share I would love to hear what you have found works for you! 


  1. I'm so excited for you, it really is the best time! I don't think you need a ton of stuff upfront, I liked having the basics and then getting things as I needed and as he got older. I was given a swing and it saved me, it was the only way he slept out of my arms for 6 weeks! I also like having a sound machine he now knows it's time to sleep when I turn it on. Just my two cents, you will be a great mom!

  2. OMG where have I been that I didn't know or remember you had a blog! I have been reading and updating myself on your life for the last 30 min.. I miss you and love seeing all these sweet pictures! you seriously look fabulous pregnant!
    Also I am definitely with her on the sound machine..He knows its time to sleep when we turn it on and it helps block out little noises in a small apartment. My other favorite thing was my boppy to breastfeed. I was considering not getting one and got one and got one as a gift and am so happy I had it. Bring it to the hospital with you!
    Ah I cant wait to read the birth story and see pictures of cute little Brooks! (also in love with the name)..Being a mother is amazing..watching your husband be a father is will be awesome!